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The 8th Indonesian Biorock Training Workshop


The Gili Islands, Lombok Ntb, Indonesia
12th-18th November 2012

The 2012 Biorock training workshop brings professional coral restoration experts and lecturers into the classroom to engage participants in all aspects of coral reef restoration using the definitive Biorock method.
Workshop sessions will cover all aspects of theory and practice including design, construction, installation, monitoring, maintenance and repair of Biorock sites. Additional lectures will cover the basic principles of coral reef ecology, threats to coral reefs, and environmental restoration.
Over the course of the 7 day workshop participants will have the opportunity to use their knowledge as they plan and invoke all the steps involved in constructing, deploying and populating Biorock structures with coral fragments.

Who Should Attend?
Dive shop operators, hotel and resort managers, conservation groups, coastal zone managers, fishing communities, marine scientists, mariculturists, tourism agencies, seascape and landscape architects, engineers, artists, government fisheries, environmental, and tourism policy makers, and others who seek the training necessary to design,construct and operate their own Biorock structures for reef restoration, erosion control, tourism, mariculture, remediation or marine science.

Since hands-on in the water instruction is part of the workshop program, although it is not necessary, we recommend that participants interested in that portion be experienced, certified divers.

We anticipate attendance from Indonesia, many Asian countries and from around the world, making this workshop a unique experience for participants to learn from one another about coral reef problems and solutions.

Biorock Workshop Group Photo

7th Biorock Workshop - Partial group photo

Corals of Trawangan from Seth Greenspan on Vimeo.


"Corals of Trawangan" is part of a documentary on coral reef restoration worldwide called "Putting the Pieces Together." This portion of the documentary, produced and directed by Seth Greenspan, was shot on location at the 6th Indonesian Biorock Workshop in Gili Trawangan. For more information on Seth's work, visit

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